14- Feb2024
Posted By: BASL

8th GRD 2024 – Creative Disruption and Innovation Contest

GRD (Growth and Resilience Dialogue) 2024 desires to recognise and celebrate young adults, ages 18-40, who are worthy of the distinction of being called a creative disruptor and innovator. The objective is to reward creative disruptors and innovators whose ideas and works have disrupted or have the potential to disrupt the status quo for the betterment of their communities.

Individuals, 18-40 years, are invited to submit their story (maximum 650 words) plus a short video of two minutes or less done via their mobile phone (video recording guidelines) detailing how their endeavor(s), work or business ideas create/can potentially create breakthroughs that advance/could advance social or economic progress by providing solutions to some of their communities’/countries’ problems, for the chance to win the grand prize of US$8,000.00 or two consolation prizes of US$4,000.00 and US$3,000.00 respectively. Additional prizes include scholarships to an innovation conference in 2024. Domains can range from technology, culture, education, community work, creative arts, healthcare, spirituality, religion, business, finance and sports.

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