Saint Lucia Development Bank

Saint Lucia Development Bank


The Saint Lucia Development Bank was re-established by an Act of Parliament Act No. 12 of 2008 in July of that same year as a body corporate with a share capital of twenty million dollars ($20.0 million), divided into four million shares of a par value of five dollars each. The Bank was operationalized with an initial capital contribution from the Government of Saint Lucia of EC$12.0 million dollars and was formally launched on February 22, 2009 to coincide with the island’s 30th Anniversary of Independence. The Bank formally opened its doors for business on February 24, 2009.

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Cornelius Sidonie – Managing Director

Information to follow.

Dorn Lafeuillee-Simon – Deputy Managing Director/Risk Manager and Compliance Officer

Mrs. Simon is a dedicated professional banker with over ten years of practical knowledge and experience in development banking, investment promotions and corporate finance with an excellent understanding of management issues such as Relationship building; Sales and networking; Human resource development; Enterprise risk management; Compliance; Leadership; Corporate Governance. Debt Management, due diligence and portfolio management; Business plans; Budget preparation; Audit process; Policy development; Preparing, interpreting and Analysing financial statements.

Mrs. Lafeuillee-Simon studied at the University of Leicester, UK where she attained her MBA in General Management. The University of Lincoln UK, where she earned her BA in International Business Administration.